Rehabilitation exercise after Achilles tendon rupture Part 1

- Dec 17, 2019-

Rehabilitation exercise after Achilles tendon rupture Part 1

Initial rehabilitation exercise period:

Eversion and varus, plantar flexion and dorsiflexion, circular motion, toe motion, static contraction 30 times / group, 3 groups, 3 groups per day

Steps-Essentials of Soaking Feet:

l Soak your feet with traditional Chinese medicines for swelling, blood circulation and muscle relaxation;

l Morning, middle, and evening three times a day, before exercise;

l Each time is 20-30 minutes, the water temperature is controlled at about 40 degrees;

l If the foot of a broken friend has not fallen, don't soak your feet for the time being. When you soak your feet, the water surface should cover the Achilles tendon injury.

Step 2 Roll the Bottle Essentials:

l Rolling bottle essentials, make the tiptoe as much as possible when going forward, and make the heel as much as possible when going backward;

l If the ground is slippery, you can use a small carpet or yoga mat to prevent slipping.

l 20 minutes per group, 3 groups per day, when the angle reaches 95 degrees, you can skip this subject as shown in the figure

Tips for step three of turning the affected foot left and right:

l There is no concept of time, just flip it over, and you can practice after each subject practice.

Tips for writing or grabbing towels on step 4:

l After completing step three, practice writing with the injured foot or grab a towel;

l Control the time of each exercise within 5 minutes, take the ankle as the axis, hold the pen with your foot, and then practice.

Step 5: Apply ice to the affected feet:

l After performing the previous steps, the affected foot will be slightly swollen. You can choose to apply ice or soak your feet with ice water on the affected foot. Introduce several methods of homemade ice packs (such as soybean soak and freeze, mineral spring) Put the water bottle in the bucket after freezing);

l The icy area is mainly the ankle swelling area;

l Control the time of each ice pack to about 15 minutes (Note: Female break-ups should pay attention to the physiological date when choosing ice packs, so as to cause unnecessary trouble)

l It is best to apply ice three times a day, and at least once, after each exercise session.

Step 6 

Essentials of wearing the walking boot


l After removing the plaster, in order to avoid the second break of the broken foot of the friend, you need to be equipped with walking boot; before 90 degrees within two weeks after removing the plaster, wear Achilles tendon boots mainly to learn to stand and cooperate with the double Walking exercises are the main ones.

l Phase-standing essentials, make sure that the footpads are as high as the walking boot and then stand up with double crutches

l The second stage: slowly break away from the double crutches and stand on your own, but at this time, the good feet should bear more weight to avoid injury to the affected limb due to excessive load;

l The third stage: use double crutches as a support, and slowly practice walking with your feet forward and backward. For patients who have just taken off the plaster, it is not easy to walk for too long each time you walk, about ten minutes each time.

There are many brands and prices for buying walker boots. When choosing to buy, the principle is to be safe and reliable.