Pay attention to Wearing the wrist brace

- Dec 16, 2019-


• Acute and chronic carpal irritation (eg carpal tunnel syndrome)

• In the case of post-traumatic/surgical conditions that require large-scale fixation of the wrist joint

• Local paralysis

Absolute contraindications: not found.

Relative contraindications: first consult a doctor if you have any of the following conditions: skin disease/injury, inflammation, scars on the area where the protective gear is worn and the scars have swelling, redness, and signs of fever; large areas of varicose veins, especially obstructed reflux, Poor lymphatic circulation-and unexplained swelling of soft tissue in the distal part of the body; poor sensation and blood circulation in the forearm and hands, such as diabetic neuropathy.

Working principle of wrist brace

The orthosis can fix a large area of the wrist joint in a functional position.

Size selection of wrist brace

1) Determine the width of the hand.

2) Query the size of the orthosis (see size table).



Adjustment of wrist brace

1) Open the hook and loop fastener.

2) Remove the brace from the bag.

3) Cold shape the braces individually.

4) Push the adjusted brace into the bag and fasten the hook and loop.

Adjustment of the pressure pad

Release the hook and loop fasteners and make individual adjustments. Adjustment of the rear strap width

1) Pass the rear strap through the machined notch on the orthosis.

2) Move the rear strap and adjust it individually according to the girth circumference.

Adjusting the middle strap

Loosen the hook and loop fastener of the middle strap and position it between the ulnar head and the wrist bone.

Adjusting the front strap

Unfasten the hook and loop fasteners on the front and make individual adjustments based on the circumference of your hand.

Wearing of wrist brace Note 1

Incorrect or over-tightening As a result of incorrect or over-tightening the orthosis, local stress and over-tightening may occur in the blood vessels and nerves.

 Wear it correctly to correct the orthosis to the correct position.

Note 2

Use on hypersensitive skin Irritating reactions due to overheated skin

 It is strictly forbidden to use this product if you have a known thermal allergy.

If skin irritation occurs, do not continue using the product.

Note 3

Use of worn or damaged products

Check the functions every time before using the product for wear or damage.

Do not continue to use the product if it is malfunctioning, worn or damaged.

The middle hook-and-loop strap is open.

The rear hook-and-loop fastener has been released.

1) Pull the orthosis over your hand.

2) After positioning the orthosis, the front Velcro strap must be behind the metacarpophalangeal joints of the fingers.

3) Fasten the back hook and loop fastener.

4) Wrap the middle hook and loop strap around the wrist and fasten it

Clean the orthosis regularly.

1) All buckles are fastened.

2) Hand washes in warm water at 30 ° C using common high-level detergents.

3) Fully put the orthosis.

4) Dry in the air. Do not directly heat dry (for example direct sunlight, heating with a stove or heating).