Orthopedic brace

- May 13, 2020-

Elbow brace

The elbow joint brace is mainly used for conservative or surgical treatment of elbow joint fractures and ligament rupture. There are also many types of elbow fixation straps, which are mainly divided into movable and non-movable types.

If the fracture or ligament injury is minor, you can wear the latter and take it off during functional exercise. If the injury is more serious, the former should be worn, the roulette joint angler, this is very important. Elbow joints are easy to stick and stiff joints, we should start exercising as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause permanent sequelae. This brace is very protective, and it can continuously increase our exercise level by adjusting the angle, step by step, so that the joint function can recover to the maximum.


Wrist brace

The wrist brace can fix the distal radius, distal ulna fractures and wrist fractures. Can replace the traditional gypsum for fixing, easy to remove and wash. However, there are indications, and some severe fractures are not suitable. The fixation can't last for a long time. It needs to be taken down for joint function exercise in the later stage to avoid joint stiffness.

For some less severe metacarpal and phalangeal fractures or dislocations, conservative treatment can be used. Traditional gypsum is heavy and clumsy, and can not be removed and cleaned, which is really inconvenient. A variety of metacarpal and phalangeal fixation braces also came into being. It is indeed a lot more convenient, it is necessary to remind everyone to pay attention to the fixing effect, and pay attention to the fixing when wearing it. Do not cause displacement or deformity healing for convenience.

The universal thoracic spine fixation brace can be used to correct kyphosis and to assist the early rehabilitation functional exercise of thoracolumbar fractures. Wearing this brace can evenly distribute the weight of the upper body to the surroundings and reduce the pressure of the injured vertebral body, which can effectively prevent the loss of the height of the injured vertebral body, allowing us to start getting out of bed in about one and a half months or two months. Avoid complications caused by prolonged bed rest.

If you are a teenager with scoliosis, you need to wear a customized brace as soon as possible and continue to modify it according to your physical development in order to play a good corrective role.


Back brace

Everyone is familiar with this. Waist circumference is recommended for patients with lumbar muscle strain, lumbar spondylolisthesis, or lumbar disc herniation who have been sitting for a long time or doing activities and work that damage the waist. The waist should be thick and hard, and the thin and soft waist should be comfortable to wear but not very protective. But friends must pay attention, wearing waist does not mean that the problem will be solved. On the contrary, wearing the waist circumference for a long time will cause atrophy of the lower back muscles. Therefore, you should usually do more back and muscle rehabilitation training, you can do back and muscle rehabilitation exercises or swimming, etc., only when necessary to fix the waist circumference.