Method for using adjustable knee brace

- Dec 26, 2019-

First, characteristics

It is close to the human body structure, which can be closely combined with the dense tissue of the human knee joint brace, making it more comfortable and convenient.

The hinge dial that can adjust the straightness and bending of the knee joint can be adjusted according to the doctor's order to make the knee joint flexion and extension of different sizes.

The length of the brace can be adjusted freely to avoid the problem of inappropriate length.

Second, use matters needing attention:

   1. Press up, down and forward to use correctly.

   2. Use them in the correct order.

   3. Do not tie the straps too tightly everywhere.

   4. Improper use will impede blood circulation or injury!

Third, use method:

1. Make sure the front of the knee rest, the front with buckle

2. Determine the top and bottom of the knee rest

(Special bending design-bend down to avoid compressing the tibiofibular vessels and nerves)

Knee support side

4. Open all buckles and adhesive tapes

5. Determine the fixed position of the knee support: align the center of the hinge with the inner and outer condyles of the knee joint → the upper edge of the brace should be more than 15 cm above the inner and outer condyles

6. The 4 telescopic adjustment rods of the brace can adjust the brace length according to different patients

7. Initially adjust the position of the brace → close the straps → organize the straps at the thighs → fasten the buckles → buckle the remaining buckles in turn (starting from the sides near the knee joint)

8. Lift the affected limb to check the wearing position of the brace, whether it is sliding, etc. → Tighten and fasten the lower thigh strap (tighten one finger to avoid overtightening affecting blood circulation) → Fasten the upper leg straps → lower leg Bandage → , Upper thigh band

9. Hinge with the dial, can be used to adjust the angle to meet different needs

Example: The knee joint is not fixed, the range of motion is adjusted, the extension range is controlled at 0 °, and the flexion range is controlled at 70 °

10. After the angle adjustment is completed, perform simple knee joint activities on the seat, and then go down to walk after adapting.

11. Dismounting brace

(1) During the use of the brace, if you have discomforts such as soreness and allergic rash, please follow the doctor's advice.

(2) Remove the brace in bed and move gently.

(3) Unlock the 4 button locks, fully open the brace, and slowly pull the brace from one side.

12. Bracket maintenance

(1) If there is any stain on the frame, wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not use strong corrosive cleaning products.

(2) The pads, frame pads, and straps can be removed and washed everywhere.

(3) The Velcro on the surface of the band may be gradually damaged. Please fix the band for cleaning.

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