Kneepad selection strategy

- May 07, 2018-

According to different functions, kneepads are basically divided into two types.

One is the kind of thicker that is common in physical stores

In fact, there is a large hole in front of which the knee can be exposed. It is usually bundled and then fixed with a velcro. This kind of kneepad can tightly bend the knee and can't bend easily. The thigh and lower leg are always in line with the knee. Therefore, it is very suitable for severe “braking” after knee injury, and it is not easy to be used because of the airtightness of the material. Daily protection of the knee.

The other is a thin kneepad that is placed on the knee. It has a certain degree of elasticity. After it is put on, the knee is still free to move, but it is obvious that the cheekbones are slightly tightened. This kind of mild braking Kneepads can be used to protect the knees during normal exercise. This type of kneepad is very breathable. It does not usually cause any inconvenience. Therefore, it is recommended to use this mildly-braking kneepad in daily sports activities. Protect your knees.