Knee brace usage

- May 07, 2018-

The use of the knee brace is: 1. Firstly unlock all the nylon clasps on the body of the knee band. 2. Place the brace under the leg from the back side with the knee joint extended. 3. Before and after stretching the brace, stick the fasteners according to the corresponding relationship. At this time, the semicircular incisions of the sacrum and brace should be aligned. 4. If necessary, adjust each fastener to make the knee joint comfortable and natural. The joint support brackets on both sides must be aligned with the central part of both sides of the knee joint. 5. Paste the straps, pay attention to adjust the tightness, in order to stretch 2 fingers is appropriate. 6. Adjusting the angle method: Remove the brace, loosen the adjustment button, adjust the brace to the desired angle, and set the adjustment button back, and extend the angle scale close to the sacrum, and the flexion angle scale near the armpit.