How to use the forearm sling

- Dec 20, 2019-

Forearm sling is a commonly used external fixation brace for upper limb fracture injury. It is suitable for patients with upper limb fracture injuries such as shoulder dislocation, clavicle fracture, humerus shaft fracture, proximal humerus fracture, distal humerus fracture, double forearm fracture, hand trauma, and brachial plexus injury.

Advantages of using the arm sling:

Can keep injured limbs in a functional position, prevent limb swelling, avoid pain and discomfort, and prevent forearm from falling

1. Use the method for shoulder and surrounding fracture injuries

The elbow is flexed 90 degrees, the sling is placed under the forearm, the slope is placed on the wrist, the straight end is close to the elbow, the forearm is close to the chest wall, the patient is instructed to support the affected limb with a healthy limb, and then the nylon band With the upper arm and back facing up, bypass the contralateral neck, fasten the nylon strap buckle, fix the strap and adjust the comfortable height, so that the forearm is suspended from the chest.

2.Using method for fracture of upper limb except for the shoulder

The affected limb is bent at 90 degrees, and the forearm of the affected limb is slowly passed through the sling liner, the slope surface is placed on the wrist, and the square face is placed on the elbow. The patient is instructed to support the affected limb with a healthy limb, and pass the nylon band around the neck. Fasten the strap buckle to fix the strap and adjust the limb height to a comfortable position.


Preventing pressure ulcers

Keep the affected side in a neutral position with the palms facing inward and the thumbs up

Pay attention to the tightness when wearing the sling, protect the skin, pay attention to blood flow and hand movements