How to use knee protectors

- May 07, 2018-

The use of knee pads is sometimes placed in trousers and sometimes outside. The advantage of being placed inside is stability

Qualitative is good, can play the role of “brake” to the greatest extent; the advantage of being used outside is that it is convenient to wear and adjust, but the braking ability will be reduced. In general, when the environmental changes are not obvious, and it is not necessary to adjust or remove the knee pad at any time, it is better to put it inside, and vice versa. Whether it is knee pads or trekking poles, it only provides supplementary protection. To protect the knees, the most fundamental thing is to exercise regularly, increase the strength of muscles, give yourself a scientific and reasonable weight, and keep the movements reasonable. Damage to the knee during outdoor sports is a very common problem.

Considering that the knee is one of the most important parts of outdoor activities, and the activities of the “TREEKER” family are often “four-wheel drive” (another name that requires joint efforts of the four limbs), and it is relatively easy to injure the knee, it is recommended that “Kneepad” be used. . The knee is not only an extremely important part of the exercise, but also a vulnerable and vulnerable part. It is also a situation where the pain is extremely painful and the recovery is slow, and even individual people may appear cloudy and aching. The “knee protectors” of thick felt materials that can be purchased in almost all sporting goods stores can reduce and avoid injuries to a certain extent. In winter, they can also play a role in preventing cold and are inexpensive. This is not the recommendation of “knee protectors” as a must-have item, but it is also true that all sports activities are widely used.