How To Use Cervical Collar With Open Trachea?

- Jun 01, 2019-

How to use cervical collar with open trachea?

When the patient is lying down :

1. Hold the pillow with both hands and gently lift the pillow

2. Insert the posterior pad into the contralateral side through the proximal neck or insert it from the occiput. Use the lower edge of the pad to the neck and shoulder. The upper edge should be lower than the auricles on both sides. Pay attention to the skin of the patient's auricle to prevent it from happening. Pressure sore

3. Slightly abduct the sides of the front of the cervical collar with open trachea, and push the front support up from the sternum, knowing that the mandible is completely placed in the mandible of the front rest

4. Tighten the double-sided adhesive tape from the back and adjust to the appropriate tightness.

When the patient is in a sitting position:

1. Place the front support position properly, hold and fix the lower jaw with one hand.

2. The other hand places the back pad in the center of the neck of the pillow and completely wraps the front bracket from the back.

3. Tighten the double-sided fasteners forward, pay attention to the adjustment of the tightness, and stick the fasteners.

Precautions for using the neck brace:

1. It is necessary to be elastic. After wearing, the patient should have no air tightness, dizziness and other discomfort. It is better to put one finger.

2. When using the neck brace, pay attention to observe the patient's neck skin condition, prevent the neck and auricle, the jaw skin is damaged, and the time should be the neck and local skin.

3. As the auxiliary support for the postoperative period, the neck support must be worn first, and then the patient can sit up or get out of bed until the back of the bed can remove the neck support.

4. Long-term use may cause the neck and back muscles of the patient to shrink and the joints are stiff, so the wearing time is not as long as possible, and should be carried out according to the doctor's advice.

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cervical collar with open trachea