How to choose ankle brace correctly?

- Apr 03, 2020-

How to choose ankle brace correctly?

Proper use of protective gear is a highly professional issue. Wrong protective gears not only fail to protect them, but can also cause serious injuries. The following briefly introduces the basic principles of ankle joint protection. According to the basic function of ankle joint protective gear, it can be generally divided into protective protective gear and sports protective gear.

Protective Ankle Support

For acute ankle injuries, patients often have significant pain and swelling at this time, and you need to choose protective ankle joint protectors, which can keep the injured ankle in a relatively stable state, avoid re-injury, and help recovery. For some patients with stable ankle fractures and acute injuries to the ligaments around the ankle, the doctor may recommend the choice of protective gear.

Sports ankle brace

Sports ankle brace refers to a brace that can provide good protection to the ankle joint during exercise without affecting the wearer's sports comfort. It does not restrict the movement of the ankle like protective protective gear, allowing injured ankles to participate more easily in sports.

At present, there are a lot of sports ankle braces on the market, and patients are often difficult to choose. Here are a few principles for your reference:

1. For people with poor muscle strength around the ankle joint, because of injuries for a long period of time, they can't exercise, resulting in significant muscle atrophy, but there is no obvious structural damage to the ankle joint. Such patients can improve the stability of their joints by wearing protective gear. It is recommended to use protective gear with better elasticity. In this way, the wearer can not only obtain a certain degree of protection during exercise, but also fully stimulate the contraction of the muscles around the ankle joint during the activity, and gradually increase the muscle strength, which is conducive to the restoration of ankle joint stability.

2. For patients with frequent sprained ankle joints, it is best to choose protective gear that has rigid support and protection on both the inside and outside of the ankle joint, so as to prevent the ankle joint from being sprained again.

The choice of protective gear should be based on the specific situation of the injury and adjusted accordingly according to the process of rehabilitation. How to properly choose and use protective gear, it is recommended to consult relevant professionals, so as not to affect rehabilitation due to protective gear factors.

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