How Long Should I Wear Ankle Brace

- Sep 08, 2020-

Coaches, parents, and athletes often ask me if it's worth wearing an ankle brace. While some are designed to treat acute ankle injuries, others are designed for less serious conditions and allow for more versatile applications. More and more people are beginning to use ankle braces for sprained ankles to heal from injuries, and doctors have begun recommending them. It is becoming increasingly common for ankle braces to be used to prevent ankle injury, so you cannot be wrong in using braces to heal.


Making a well-informed decision with your doctor will help you decide whether wearing an ankle brace is right for you. Before you select the best ankle braces, there are some criteria you need to consider before choosing an ankle brace. Is there an ankle sprain that is covered by the ankle brace and should I consider the pain point before buying a model? Perhaps your orthopedic surgeon has recommended walking boots that you should wear to protect your ligaments. You should wear walking boots for at least two weeks after an ankle sprain, and perhaps longer time if you need to wear them for a longer period of time to protect the ligament tear. 


If you use an ankle brace as a preventive measure, you should wear the brace during daily activities to ensure more stability and prevent reinjuries. However, it is not advisable to always rely on ankle braces, as these weaken the ankle. If you use them as a rehabilitation or treatment tool, you may want to wear them in activities that strain your ankles. Wearing these shoes during workouts will really help protect you if something goes wrong during those workouts.


While you generally feel comfortable wearing an ankle brace all the time, you may also face the challenge of sleeping with it. If you are a healthy sleeper who does not move an inch, it is not necessary to wear it while sleeping. Even if injuries are far less serious if you wear stiff ankle braces or do not wear the braces at all, they are still a possibility and always a possibility. You can also wear ankle braces if you're worried or just don't want to take any risks. Durability can be a big problem if you intend to wear an ankle brace for a limited period of time, especially if it is intended for long-term use. It is strongly recommended that you replace your ankle braces every six months, so it is a good idea to replace them afterward. If so, it should be used regularly, and if not, you should use it for as long as you will be using it, at least three months.


The purpose of an ankle shackle is to protect and immobilize the ankle so that your ankle can heal from minor injuries such as sprains. It also serves as a safety measure for those who suffer such injuries. If you want to prevent ankle injuries, chronic ankle pain, or recover from an ankle injury, ankle braces are essential protection.


How Long Should I Wear Ankle Brace