How Do You Treat A Cruciate Ligament Injury?

- Jul 18, 2019-

How do you treat a cruciate ligament injury?

The treatment of cruciate ligaments is divided into complete fracture and partial fracture in the general direction.

Partial rupture can be considered using PRP hyperplasia therapy, with better results with exercise therapy. Or simple exercise therapy to increase joint mobility, lower limb muscle strength, neuromuscular control, return to painless normal activities and exercise.

Complete rupture, preoperative physiotherapy is recommended to help assess and maintain knee function, whether or not surgery is required. If surgery is required, whether or not to receive post-operative exercise therapy or general treatment depends on whether the post-operative activity is limited.

In general, if the knee cruciate ligament tear has no effect on the stability of the joint, conservative treatment can be performed. If the joint stability is significantly affected, surgery is needed. The functional exercise of the knee joint after surgical treatment or conservative treatment is mainly based on flexion and extension of the knee joint, and try to avoid the weight-bearing activity of the knee joint. It is recommended to wear a special knee brace that can control the angle of movement to perform functional exercises step by step.

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How do you treat a cruciate ligament injury?