How Do Ankle Braces Work?

- Jul 22, 2019-

Most of the ankle injuries are partial tear of the lateral ligament and sprain of the ankle joint.

Ways to prevent sprains in the ankle are: shoes, suitable venue, ankle brace, proper exercise

Let us talk about "How do ankle braces work?"

Ankle brace has been around since the early 1990s, but at the time it mostly appeared on the playground. It is more convenient and cheaper than ordinary tape bandages. Now in addition to the design used to prevent injuries during exercise, ankle brace also has a variety of designs for ankle joint injury and ankle joint surgery. It is becoming more and more common to use ankle brace to prevent ankle injury and protect the ankle after injury. Although using ankle brace in sports does not help reduce the severity of an ankle injury, it can help you reduce the risk of injury.

The ankle ligaments, muscle and tendon units, and the ankle bones create internal support to ensure your ankles are safe. These internal support is an important connection from your feet to your hips. The ankle support acts as an external support to define a particular motion, such as a sole curvature/reversal, and provides the position of the ankle joint in space.

The OTS-NS004 Dorsal Night Splint, rigid/semi-rigid ankle brace, as shown below, minimizes inverted sprains and provides flexibility for the back and plantar flexors for jumping exercises, for patients with residual ankle instability .

 Dorsal Night Splint

As seen in the figure below, OTS-AN003 Ankle Support With Strap, a belted ankle brace can provide protection for ankle movement, but may limit jumping. However, it is easy to apply and adjust, and is suitable for patients with unstable ankle joints and low risk.

Ankle Support With Strap

The OTS-AN004 Ankle Brace With Strap is seen in the picture below, and the sleeve-style ankle brace is easy to wear.

Ankle Brace With Strap

Please note that wearing ankle brace does not guarantee 100% injury. Please decide with your doctor which ankle brace to wear.

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