Four Benefits of Tennis Elbow Braces

- Dec 06, 2019-

If you are into extreme sports or any other strenuous activities that need pressure from your elbows, a elbow brace should help you avoid fractures and injuries. Aside from prevention, it must also aid in the recovery process with the elbow and it in good shape. Wearing a elbow brace is much like using a posture corrective brace that keeps the alignment with the bone structure in the proper position.

- There are a few different causes of tennis elbow

-  The first I always look at maybe the player's equipment

-  Surprisingly an easy racket is much more more likely to cause tennis elbow

-  The reason behind this can be the weight of the racket absorbs the impact from the ball

-  So a heavier racket absorbs greater than a lighter racket thereby protecting your elbow and shoulder

-  If the player is experiencing elbow pain and has been evaluated by our athletic trainer then I will add weight towards the racket

-  This is easy using lead tape

-  Lead tape is simply a strip of lead with a sticky back

-  The secret here's to add more of the weight within the handle in the racket instead of the head

-  Add it slowly and gradually, letting the player give it a try first before adding more

- Actually, tennis elbow is a degenerative process which begins with the outer portion of the elbow being an acute strain or muscle tear

- The problem will continue to degenerate with overuse

- Continued use may cause the finish from the muscle or tendon to tug outside the bone, leading to swelling and later on scarring 

- Once torn, the tendon will not be as strong as before