Effect of wearing lumbar support on patients with the waist support !

- Dec 13, 2019-

In recent years, the number of patients with lumbar disc herniation has increased. For most patients with lumbar disc herniation, conservative treatment can effectively alleviate the disease and even achieve the goal of a cure. One of the main methods of conservative treatment is to wear "waist Care ". In the clinic, when the doctor advises patients to wear lumbar support, patients often ask what is the effect of the lumbar support? Many patients have limited knowledge of the lumbar support. Today I will tell you about what you need to know about the lumbar support!

Lumbar disc herniation is mainly due to the degeneration of various parts of the lumbar disc (nucleus pulposus, fibrous rings and cartilage plates), especially the nucleus pulposus, with different degrees of degenerative changes. Nuclear tissue protrudes (or prolapses) from the rupture in the back or spinal canal, causing adjacent spinal nerve roots to be stimulated or oppressed, which results in a series of clinical symptoms such as wrist pain, numbness in one or both lower limbs, and pain.

The main functions of the lumbar support for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation are:

1. Protect the waist muscles and relax them. When a person is standing, there is a certain tension in the muscles of the lower back to maintain the body's upright posture. The pain in the waist will fix the spine in a pain-free position, which will worsen the disease Wearing lumbar support can help maintain the posture of the lower back muscles, improve the force of the lower back muscles, relax the muscles, and relieve the symptoms of low back pain.

2. Fix the waist to restrict movement, and beware of further aggravation of symptoms. The lumbar support will limit the range of motion of the waist, reduce the damage caused by the motion of the waist, and can prevent the aggravation of the lumbar disc herniation to a certain extent.

So, is wearing lumbar support effective for patients with lumbar disc herniation?

According to clinical experience, the effect of wearing lumbar support on the treatment of patients with lumbar disc herniation is positive, and it is better to wear lumbar support in the acute phase! Many patients with lumbar disc herniation will wear lumbar support according to the doctor's advice. Effectively help repair damaged waist tissue. However, it should be noted that it is not necessary to wear the waist support when lying down, and it cannot be worn for a long time, otherwise, it is easy to produce dependence, the waist muscles are weaker, and it is not conducive to the recovery of the condition.

Prolapse of the lumbar intervertebral disc is related to long-term fatigue and poor posture of the lumbar spine. The focus is usually on maintenance. Maintenance is more important than treatment. The lumbar spine should be strengthened in daily life.