Don't Rush To Perform Surgery On Adolescent Scoliosis, You Can Use Orthopedic Products At Firstly.

- Mar 03, 2019-

Don't rush to perform surgery on adolescent scoliosis, you can use orthopedic products at firstly.

Scoliosis is manifested in the shoulders, shoulder blades, pelvis not equal, the asymmetry of the waist is asymmetrical, and the spinous processes of the spine deviate from the midline.

In patients with scoliosis, there are more girls than boys, and girls are more likely to get worse, especially in the two years before and after the first menstruation, the incidence of scoliosis and the probability of exacerbation are higher.

When the scoliosis is greater than 20°, brace correction is required, and surgery greater than 45° is required. Surgery is easy to cause sequelae such as stiffness and height limitation. Adolescents with scoliosis can use orthopedic products first.

In the process of orthopedics, it is recommended to do more hanging bar, freestyle and other activities that are beneficial to the development of the spine, and try to avoid sports, such as strenuous running and weight-bearing etc. 

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