Does Ankle Brace Help Achilles Tendonitis?

- Jul 08, 2019-

Does ankle brace help achilles tendonitis?

Achilles tendon is the largest muscle of the human body. It is formed by the soleus muscle of the calf and the tendon of the gastrocnemius. It is attached to the calcaneus. People who like to jog but lack rest, if you often feel the swelling of the heel, then you should pay attention to whether Achilles is damaged. In the case of excessive exercise, people tend to cause inflammation of Achilles, and even in severe cases, breakage. In addition to excessive exercise, the lower talus joints are excessively pre-rotating, such as flat feet, training errors, such as neglecting softness training, sudden multiplication of exercise time, intensity, and the like. Or an inappropriate sports environment, such as long-distance running on uneven ground, running on steep slopes, wearing inappropriate shoes or patients with certain systemic diseases, are more likely to suffer from Achilles Lesion.

Experts say that once inflammation is triggered, you should seek medical attention immediately, and stop inappropriate activities to avoid exacerbation. If you do not pay attention, it will not only affect exercise but also affect daily walking. It may even lead to calcification of tendon and break without warning. . If you find a symptom, quickly seek medical treatment for conservative treatment, and then receive appropriate rehabilitation treatment, you can fully recover, leaving no sequelae, but it is best not to engage in intense exercise before this. 

During the treatment period, we recommend the use of our company's product  OTS-NS004 dorsal night splint, the ankle brace which can fix and protect the Achilles tendon during rehabilitation. The back splint is constructed of soft foam padding material, and there is no strong discomfort at night.

Does ankle brace help achilles tendonitis?

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