Do Bunion Correctors Really Work?

- May 30, 2019-

Do bunion correctors really work?

Hallux valgus refers to a deformed symptom in which the outward tilt of the thumb is greater than 15 degrees from the physiological angle. The main cause is dislocation of the joint at the base of the big toe, causing the big toe to bend outward, causing the big toe bone to protrude outward. Squeezing to other toes is also prone to swelling and inflammation of the medial or dorsal joints of the big toe joint due to friction caused by wearing shoes. The outer side of the protruding bone is also prone to form thick skin and burs, causing permanent deformation of the toes, and pain is accompanied.

The initial clinical symptoms of hallux valgus are pain and swelling of the first metatarsal head, dermatitis caused by local skin irritation, and even skin ulcers. Severely, the big toe may overlap with the second toe, which weakens the toes of the raised toes. Gradually standing, unable to maintain balance, bending and stability, resulting in a variety of movements can not be harmonious. Finally, the tendon and fascia of the sole of the foot are stiff, inflamed and spiked. When the pain in the entire sole of the foot is intensified, the patient will not be able to wear shoes, which will greatly affect daily life and walking.

For those with mild symptoms, just change the wide-brimmed shoes, slippers, or warm water and wear a curved arch pad or change the shoes on the sole of the foot. In order to reduce the pressure on the forefoot when standing and walking, to reduce the burden on the toes. Correction with the bunion corrector can temporarily relieve the pain and limit the further deterioration of the toe cyst. Long-term adherence to the use of bunion corrector can be improved.

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