Can You Wear The Sports Knee Brace ​All Day?

- Apr 16, 2019-

Can you wear the sports knee brace all day?

Sports knee brace, which can completely cover the knee joint and play a certain role in fixing and supporting the entire knee joint. It can also relieve the fatigue of the thigh muscles, control the slight swelling of the knees, and also serve the knee joints of arthritis patients. The role of warmth.

Sports knee brace can also help prevent and treat sprains and injuries.

Generally suitable for:

a person with a slight knee problem

People who are difficult to distinguish the location of knee pain

People who have jogging and fast-going habits

However, sports knee brace is not suitable for long-term wear in daily life, because the tibia is completely covered. When the knee is bent more than 45 degrees, the knee brace will limit the relative position of the tibia and femur. Over time, it will increase the probability of tibial degeneration and increase the knee joint. pain. Therefore, people who often need to go up and down stairs or kneel should not wear them.

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