Brace functions (2)

- May 07, 2018-

4 instead of function

For example, when the hand muscles are weak and unable to hold the articles, the braces can be used to hold the wrist joints in the functional position (dorsoflexion position), and electric stimulation is installed on the forearm of the brace to stimulate contraction of the flexor muscles and restore grip. Features. Some braces are simple in construction, such as a finger or a hook, and a hook or clip fixed to a forearm brace to hold a spoon or a knife.

5 Assist hand function exercises

This type of brace is commonly used. For example, for practicing the flexion of the metacarpophalangeal joint and the interphalangeal joint, the brace for supporting the wrist joint in the dorsal position is a flexible brace for keeping the finger straight and keeping the finger flexed.

6 make up the length

For example, when a patient with a shortened lower extremity stands and walks, the pelvis must be tilted, and the pelvis tilts to make the lumbar spine compensated. The back pain may occur for a long time. In order to make up for the length of the short limbs, the shoe sole may be raised. .

7 temporary external fixation

For example, after cervical fusion surgery, neck circumference is worn, and waist circumference or vest is worn after lumbar fusion.