Back Brace For Lumbar Herniated Disc

- Aug 12, 2019-

Back brace for lumbar herniated disc.

The lumbar intervertebral disc is located between the two vertebral bodies and is a hydrodynamic structure consisting of three parts: the nucleus pulposus, the annulus fibrosus and the cartilage plate. The nucleus pulposus is the central part, and the fibrous ring is the surrounding part, surrounding the nucleus pulposus. The cartilage plate is the upper and lower parts and is directly connected to the vertebral body tissue. The thickness of the entire lumbar intervertebral disc is 8mm~10mm.

In recent years, the incidence of lumbar disc herniation has gradually increased, and it is showing a trend of aging. In fact, many of the lumbar disc herniations are not congenital, but caused by bad habits of the day after tomorrow. Many people think that strengthening exercise and strengthening lumbar power can alleviate, but what they don't know is that wrong movements will aggravate the condition. The lumbar disc is prominent in prevention, and the hip pressure is minimized in daily life.

These actions, patients with lumbar disc herniation should never do:

Long-term upright work

Nest on a sofa or stool

Single hand weight

Running in an incorrect posture

Golf swing, aerobics, etc., need the power of the waist to drive the hand

Long wear high heels

Long-term chronic cough and constipation

Bending over heavy loads

There are also many products on the market for the treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc problems, and our company's OTS-BK021 Air Gel Back Brace is a relatively new style in the treatment of lumbar intervertebral disc products, integrating cold and hot gel and air compression. It is more efficient, more comfortable and more targeted than traditional package compression.

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Back brace for lumbar herniated disc.