Application of orthopedic products for degenerative knee arthritis

- Mar 11, 2020-

Application of orthopedic products for degenerative knee arthritis.

Degenerative knee arthritis is characterized by progressive degradation of articular cartilage and loss of articular cartilage, and reactive bone changes in the joints and the lower edge of the cartilage. Clinical manifestations are characterized by slow progression of joint pain, stiffness and joint enlargement, and restricted movement.

After the occurrence of degenerative knee arthritis, in addition to medication, it is also necessary to reduce the symptoms of degenerative knee arthritis and strengthen the function and stability of the knee joint through rehabilitation.

Protective gear is an external auxiliary device commonly used in patients with degenerative knee arthritis, which can be divided into three types: orthosis 2. sheath sleeves 3.unloading knee brace It is suggested that protective gear is one of the non-drug treatment items for degenerative knee arthritis. The role of the brake-type protective gear is to limit the joints, so there is no dynamic correction or functional effect. The brake-type protective gear is mostly composed of hard materials including plaster or rope; the sheath-type protective gear is made of elastic fabric plus other It is used to stabilize the patella and femoral tibial joint. The decompression type protective gear is composed of an external stent body, a rotating shaft and a strap. Its role is to reduce the pressure on the articular surface, whether it is the medial or lateral femoral tibial joint You can choose the position of varus correction or valgus correction through the protective gear.

Knee joint protective gear is one of the non-drug treatment methods. The recommendations for the use of various types of protective gear are as follows:

Rest orthosis: According to the existing research data, the effect of brake-type protective gear on degenerative knee arthritis cannot be demonstrated. In addition, the actual frequency of clinical use by actual physicians is very low, so it is not recommended to use unless there is a more Many studies have confirmed its effect.

Knee sleeves: Knee-type protective gears have a significant effect on pain relief, but have less help for physical functions, but the clinical use rate is about one-third to one-fourth, so it is not recommended Patients with mildly degraded dysfunction can wear sheath-type protective gear to reduce pain.

Unloading knee brace: Decompressive braces can effectively reduce low pain and physical disability, and help proprioception, gait symmetry and overall quality of life. To slow down symptoms and promote function.