Application Of Knee Brace.

- Mar 07, 2019-

Application of knee brace.

In daily life, many people may suffer knee joint damage for some reasons, and serious patients may need surgery. Knee joint injuries mainly include a series of injury diseases such as knee joint meniscus injury, knee ligament injury, and patella dislocation tendon rupture.

In the case of acute meniscal injury, the brace can be fixed for 4 weeks. Those with blood can be squeezed and bandaged after local anesthesia. After the acute phase, the pain is relieved and exercise can be started to avoid muscle atrophy. If the diagnosis of knee meniscus rupture is clear, surgery is needed.

Under normal circumstances, most patients with mild to moderate impairment need only wear appropriate braces to achieve a good relief effect. For those patients undergoing surgery, wearing external fixation brace (orthosis) is more effective, less pain, less blood loss and easier to move the patient, improve blood circulation, avoid pressing the posterior side of the limb, and promote postoperative healing. effect.