Application Development Of Orthosis

- May 08, 2019-

Application development of orthosis.

Orthosis is a general term for an in vitro use device that is assembled outside the human body to prevent, correct, deform, compensate, and assist in the treatment of bone and joint and neuromuscular disorders. The term orthosis was first proposed by Vernon Nickel in the United States in 1953. It is a shorthand for the second combination of the Greek languages "ortho" and "statikos", formerly known as splint or brace.

The earliest splint was used to fix the fracture of the limb. After the 18th century, the manufacturing process of the thin iron was highly developed. There were a large number of delicate splints and brace production in Europe. In China, the wooden abdomen has been applied in the Ming Dynasty, and the history of the use of small splints in the treatment of fractures in traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics has a long history.

In recent years, with the development of orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation medicine and modern polymer materials science, biomechanics, the development, assembly and assembly of orthoses have made great progress. In Europe and the United States, the developed countries are not only widely used in clinical orthopedics, orthopedics and rehabilitation medicine, but also become the main auxiliary devices for sports trauma surgery and orthopedic surgery, such as braking, fixation, treatment and rehabilitation.

In China, although the advantages of orthosis have been gradually recognized and accepted by clinical orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine and orthopedic surgeons, mainly used in clinical neurological rehabilitation and orthopedic rehabilitation. Many reports have comprehensively discussed this, but lack sufficient basic theoretical mechanisms and clinical practice research. The role of orthoses in the rehabilitation of sports injuries has not received enough attention. How to effectively play the role of orthoses in rehabilitation and sports training after sports injuries has become an important issue for the majority of sports rehabilitation medical professionals in China.

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