Adjustable knee joint fixation brace​

- Dec 10, 2019-

Adjustable knee joint fixation brace

The products are mainly made of aluminum alloy plates, high-strength engineering plastics, viscous fabrics, sponges, nylon tapes and other materials; they are composed of thigh pads, calf pads, and disc-type knee hinges. This combination can adjust the knee hinge brackets on both sides to the optimal position according to each person's body shape difference. This kind of product can stabilize the knee joint at all angles and comprehensively. In addition, the knee joint can be flexed and extended in a variety of angles. When tightening the strap, the orthosis automatically adapts to the patient's leg shape. Because it fits well, it not only guarantees the success of rehabilitation but also very comfortable to wear. The ultra-lightweight and skin-friendly material ensures that patients can comfortably wear it for a long time.

Applicable symptoms:

Suitable for fixation and rehabilitation after joint injury (knee fracture, ligament injury, knee flexion contracture, acute soft tissue injury, metatarsal fracture, dislocation, lateral knee instability, knee flexion) until rehabilitation (joint area Freely movable or fixed between 60 ° ~ 180 °). Preoperative and postoperative joint fixation and rehabilitation, knee fracture, ligament injury, knee flexion contracture, acute soft tissue injury, patella fracture, dislocation, external fixation with lateral knee instability and other symptoms of the knee, and Knee joint limitation and other treatments are used for non-displaced knee fractures, after knee fracture internal fixation surgery, traumatic knee synovitis, knee synovial surgery, meniscus suture after knee cross ligament side After collateral ligament injury, treatment and surgical repair and reconstruction, knee joint cartilage injury synovial fold wall syndrome and other membrane joint disorders need braking.

Product Features:

1. It is a structure close to the human body, which can closely fit the dense tissue of the human knee joint, which is more comfortable and convenient for joint protection.

2. There is a hinge dial that can adjust the knee straightening / bending angle and can be bent at various angles according to the doctor's requirements for the knee so that the knee joint can be flexed and extended at different angles.

3, Velcro pressure belt to prevent the support from moving or slipping.

4. After the operation, the patient is instructed to perform knee functional strength and mobility training through early functional exercise under the correct wearing of the brace, so that the patient can recover the function of the knee joint faster and better.

5. The length of the brace can be adjusted freely to avoid the problem of inappropriate length.

Cleaning introduction:

Remove all metal foil and shackles before cleaning. When washing by hand, wash with cold water, and hang to dry after washing. Do not dry clean: bleach: and iron.