A Guide To Podiatry Heel Support

- Nov 25, 2020-

A Guide to Podiatry Heel Support


OTS-FT006 silicone heel cup central stirrup: This is a very good heel cup for those who have problems with the pain caused by a heel spur or pain from nerve damage to the heel. The heel part is very thick and it supports the arch to a great degree. It is made of silicon and it comes in various colors. It is a special type of orthopedic heel support designed for those who have pain in the heel area, tendons that are inflamed, and for people with an injury to the heel.


OTS-FT008 heel cushion with removable pad is very similar to the silicone heel cup central stirrup in appearance, but it comes with an added bonus feature. This heel support pad has a special feature that helps in providing support to the heel while you are wearing shoes. This pad has a very deep indentation that fits in the middle of your heels.The rubber sole of this support has a rubber outer cover that provides protection against friction. This cover is very light in weight and does not make a big difference when you are walking. If you are suffering from Achilles tendonitis or heel spurs, you can also use this heel support as it can help to prevent irritation of the tendon.Central Heel Support: This type of heel support can help prevent pain, especially when the foot is placed flat on the floor. There are many different designs available in this type of support and it is usually suitable for people who wear open-backed shoes.


This podiatry support is very useful because it helps to prevent strain on the ankle. When the ankle is stretched and strained, it can cause a lot of pain in the back and it can also cause you to lose some of your balance when standing. This support can also provide some protection to your skin if you wear high heeled shoes. The heel support pad has a special feature where it is able to cushion your skin.


Some podiatry heel support can also help relieve pain caused by a heel sprain. The heel support pads are generally made from either silicone or leather. These pads can be used in all types of shoes, but the most common type is the silica gel-cushioned heels.