3 precautions for using a cervical collar

- Dec 11, 2019-

What is the use of a cervical collar?

How long does it take to wear a cervical collar?

How to wear a cervical collar properly?

Cervical support is a commonly used method for conservative treatment of cervical spondylosis. It is suitable for those who have mild symptoms or obvious symptoms but can be relieved after rest, as well as those with older organic diseases. At the same time, cervical spine surgery also requires cervical braking. Equipped with a proper cervical collar can help patients recover and consolidate the curative effect.

What is the use of a cervical collar?

Wearing a cervical collar can properly restrain and brake the cervical spine, limit excessive movement of the neck, reduce instability factors, support the weight of the head, increase the support of the neck, rest the neck muscles, relieve and improve the pressure state of the intervertebral space, It can reduce traumatic reactions caused by mutual stimulation and friction of intervertebral joints, and can be used for various cervical spondylosis.

For patients with cervical spondylosis, cervical bracing is a very important conservative treatment during the non-surgical conservative treatment of patients. Some patients can only improve their symptoms with cervical collar protection. Treatment with bed rest, physiotherapy, traction, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs can achieve better results.

How long does it take to wear a cervical collar?

For patients undergoing cervical spine surgery, cervical collars are usually worn for 1-3 months after surgery. Wear a neck brace when you get up and remove it when you are in bed. When wearing a cervical collar, reading, reading newspapers, etc. are not affected, and the neck can still be in a resting state.

The wearing time of the cervical collar should be determined according to the condition. Generally speaking, the necking instability caused by soft tissue damage requires the cervical collar to be worn for 2 to 3 weeks; Time should not exceed 3 months. Because wearing for a long time can cause neck stiffness, muscle and ligament atrophy.

If it has not been fixed for 3 months, it means that this external fixation is not suitable for the condition and should be changed to internal fixation, that is, surgical fixation.

An inflatable cervical collar is mainly used for traction, suitable for patients with cervical disc herniation. However, the traction is directional, which is inconvenient for patients. It is recommended that the first use be performed under the guidance of a doctor.

Long-term application of the neck support and collar can cause neck and back muscle atrophy, joint stiffness, not only not beneficial, but harmful, so it should not be worn for too long, and regular physical exercise during application. After the symptoms are gradually reduced, the collar and neck support should be removed in time to strengthen muscle exercise.

When using the cervical collar, you should also pay attention to the proper tightness, too loose and too tight can not protect the neck. When using, you can put a small cotton towel or gauze on the neck pad to prevent ulcers in the jaw and neck. When walking, you should walk slowly because your head cannot be lowered to avoid falling.

How to wear a neck support

1. Patients with neck trauma or cervical spine surgery should first put the back half of the neck support sideways, then lie flat, wear the front half, fix it, and then get up. When resting in bed, you should lie down first, then go to the neck support, first remove the first half, turn sideways, and then remove the second half.

2. After wearing the cervical collar, the cervical spine should be fixed in a neutral position, not too tight, and it should be adjusted to the patient's comfort.