Bunion Cushion

Bunion Cushion

​Protect bunion against rubbing
Maintain metatarsal-phalangeal joint alignment

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Bunion Cushion


Bunion protection cushion uses for bunion and hallux valgus


Protect bunion against rubbing

Maintain metatarsal-phalangeal joint alignment

Size: S/M L/XL


Clinical manifestations of hallux valgus:

1. Bursitis, pain in the first metatarsophalangeal joint. Appears as the medial protrusion of the big toe joint, the surface is red and swollen, and there is pain when pressing

2. Squeeze the second toe, a hammer-shaped toe appears. It manifests as eversion of the big toe, constantly squeezing the second toe, causing the second toe to "ride" on the big toe for a long time, tendon contracture, joint stiffness, forming a "hammer toe"

3. Calluses appear on the forefoot and walking pain. Due to hallux eversion, the normal foot shape has changed, and the force distribution point of the foot has also changed, starting from the big toe to the middle, causing the second and third toes to bear excessive human body weight and staying ahead. Calluses will appear on the corresponding part of the feet, and severe pain will occur, affecting walking

Q: Can you provide the FBA shipping service?

A: Yes, we have the good experience in providing the professional FBA service.

Q: How can I get a specific price about the product I want?
A: Our price based on material, quantity, size, color, logo, package ways, trading terms. The more details you provide, the more accurate price you will get, and of course, if some details you are not sure, you just tell us and we will provide our optional list for you selection.

Q: Could we get samples before making order?
A:Yes, we are glad to send our samples for you testing.


Q: How about your quality control?
A:Before placing order, we will send samples to you for testing if necessary.

Q: We got less price from another company, would you please best their price?

A: We can not vouch for the quality of items or services you will receive from another company and therefore we don’t attempt to match or beat their prices. Our pricing is based on many factors, and we strive to price items fairly and competitively. We take great price in our quality product and services quality and hope that pricing is not the only thing that is essential to our customers when they make a purchase. “Gold is never sold at the price of silver but by putting it’s color on it”. So be careful when you get undue rock-bottom pricing.


Q: When can I get the price?

A: We will send you offer sheet within 24 hours after we receive your inquiry.


Q: How to place an order, and how will it will be proceed?

A: 1. Contact us to confirm your design/products.

2. Negotiation for Order Confirmed.

3. Sample Confirmed.

4. Deposit paid.

5. Production begin and reported regularly.

6. Balance Payment Confirmed.

7. Products loaded and Shipped to your Country / Port.


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