Elbow Support Sleeve

Elbow Support Sleeve

Silicone padding for release excessive pressure around bony structures
Removable strap could be adjusted for additional stabilization

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Elbow Support Sleeve


Overuse injury or ligament sprain


Elobw compression sleeve has silicone padding for release excessive pressure around bony structures
Elbow support brace has removable strap could be adjusted for additional stabilization

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Circum. of widest part of forearm (IN)





Circum. of widest part of forearm (CM)






Direct violence can cause contusions of the soft tissues of the elbow joint, such as falling and slipping, palms supporting the ground, and conducting violence can cause excessive abduction, straightening or twisting of the elbow joint, resulting in elbow joint sprain. Since the stability of the joints mainly depends on the joint capsule and ligament constraints, the radial ligament injury is the most common clinically, followed by the ulnar side and the posterior side less. Elbow sprain is a common closed injury of the elbow joint, which usually causes injuries during work, sports, and play. Early treatment of elbow ligament strain should be positive:

1. Braking. Use a plaster or a brace as soon as possible after the strain to prevent the ligament from further strain, and at the same time reduce the pain and swelling symptoms that occur after the ligament strain. It is not a serious strain. You can use the products introduced on this page to perform compression fixation to reduce the pain in the affected area. At the same time ensure the stability of the joints.

2. Cold compress. You can use frozen mineral water or ice wrapped towels to apply cold compresses to the strained area to relieve pain, stop bleeding, and reduce swelling.

3. Go to the hospital to take X-rays and MRIs of the elbow joint to further determine whether there is a fracture of the elbow joint, or a ligament strain and the degree of the ligament strain, and treat it according to the degree of the ligament strain. If the ligament is completely ruptured, emergency surgery, suture or reconstruction of the ligament is required, so that the function of the elbow joint can be restored.

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