Lumbar Support Back Brace

Back panel helps to provides stabilization and support
Effective side straps for compressive effect, ensure better fitting
Low profile mesh and elastic band for breathability and comfort
Size: S M L XL

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Lumbar Support Back Brace


Mild to moderate disc problems
Non-specific low back pain


Back panel helps to provides stabilization and support
Back support belt with effective side straps for compressive effect, ensure better fitting
Lower back support belt has low profile mesh and elastic band for breathability and comfort


Size: S M L XL

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Non-specific low back pain is a symptom that starts in the lower back. It has neither nerve root involvement nor serious underlying disease. The recovery of nonspecific low back pain is generally faster. 90% of patients within 3 days of onset of illness recovered within 2 weeks. Most acute and chronic pain problems are relieved in their natural way with or without treatment. One-third of patients fully improved within 1 week, and 2/3 of patients fully improved within 7 weeks. Recurrence is common, and about 40% of patients relapse within 6 weeks. Most relapses are not disabling, but show chronic recurring aggravation.

The main causes of non-specific low back pain are as follows:

1. With age, the direct blood supply to the intervertebral disc is lost between 15-20 years old. After that, the intervertebral disc becomes the largest non-blood-supply tissue in the human body, so the intervertebral disc is prone to degenerative changes, which leads to an increase in the fragility of the fibrous annulus Torn. With the increase of age, the possibility of suffering from low back pain increases significantly. However, other high-risk factors (such as osteoporosis) in the elderly have increased, leading to the tendency of NLBP to eventually transform into specific LBP (compression fracture, spondylolisthesis).

2. History of the first episode After the first episode of LBP, the probability of recurrence increases by 4 times. Once suffering from LBP, it is possible to recur a second time. The history of NLBP is the best predictor of LBP.

3. Occupational factors include lifting, twisting, body vibration and repetition times when carrying heavy objects. In the absence of these risk factors, sedentary people often have NLBP. Improving the tolerance of the spine effectively reduces and prevents the occurrence of NLBP.

4. The obesity factor increases steadily with the increase in body weight and the incidence of low back pain. Especially chronic or recurrent LBP.

Based on the above points, we can judge that it is necessary to wear our products reasonably to support the waist and back in daily life. It can effectively alleviate and prevent waist problems. For patients who have already suffered from waist pain, it is recommended to wear the product for a long time under the guidance of a doctor to fix the injured waist and provide support for the waist at the same time to reduce the excessive impact of the pain on daily life and work.


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are professional manufacturer specialized in orthopedic and sport products. And we trade our products with our clients directly.

Q: What's your advantage?

A: 1. Good knowledge on different market can meet special requirements.

2. Real manufacturer with our own factory located in China

3. Strong professional technical team ensure to produce the top quality products.

4. Special cost control system ensure to provide the most favorable price.

5. Rich experience.

Q: If l have a product wants to be made in other special material, can you do it?

A: Of course, you just need to provide us designed drawings or sample and R&D department will estimate that whether we can do or not, we will give you the most satisfactory reply.

Q: How can we get a quote?

A: Contact us with specification: such as material, design, size, color, quantity, surface finishing, etc.


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