Lower Back Support Brace

Mild disc problems
Chronic back pain
Stable bony injury

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Lower Back Support Brace


Lower back support belt uses for mild disc problems

Back brace for lower back uses for chronic back pain

Lower lumbar back brace uses for stable bony injury



Enhance core muscle function with adjustable pulley system

Keep abdominal pressure in stable for support and improve tissue healing after injuries around low back


Size: S M L XL XXL


The lower back refers to the area consisting of the first to fifth sections of the lumbar spine. There is an intervertebral disc composed of fibrocartilage in the middle of each lumbar vertebra. The stability of the spine is mainly provided by the backrest and the muscles and ligaments of the abdomen, and the lower back supports the cervical vertebrae and the entire upper body. Wearing the lower back brace can support your lower back and relieve back pain.

This product is made of comfortable and breathable mesh, which keeps it dry and comfortable during wearing, and feels like the skin. Scientific research shows that the fabric is breathable and not easy to breed bacteria. At the same time, the product has higher wear resistance and durability.

The pulley waist protector design can freely adjust the length of the drawstring and adjust the degree of tightness. Every time you pull it gently, it is a comfortable experience. It can fit different lumbar vertebrae, experience the comfort of a customized version, and quickly fix the muscles on both sides of the spine to achieve a powerful tightening effect.

The flexible semi-circular lumbar support back of the product fully covers the waist and provides you with strong support.


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A: Yes, I'm gladly to send catalogue for your reference if you have request. 

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A: Try our best to create a better and healthier life. 

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