Pneumatic Gel Back Braces

Pneumatic Gel Back Braces

Soothes back area
Help to reduce pain, stiffness & inflammation
Decrease swelling, inflammation & pain
Cold compress therapy relaxes stiffness, improves flexibility & relieves pain
Air compression therapy delivers hot or cold therapy deep into the muscle tissue

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Pneumatic Gel Back Braces


Pneumatic gel back support braces use for soothes back area

Help to reduce pain, stiffness & inflammation

Heat compress therapy helps decrease swelling, inflammation & pain

Cold compress therapy relaxes stiffness, improves flexibility & relieves pain

Air compression therapy delivers hot or cold therapy deep into the muscle tissue


Application of the pneumatic gel back braces:

Back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, arthritis, rheumatism, herniated disc pain, relieves muscular tension, fatigue, relief pain from lumbago problem


Features of the pneumatic back braces with gel pack:

The air compress cold/hot gel back brace is more effective than any other conventional wraps. Our unique therapeutic device combines the benefits of cold and hot compress therapy with air compression in a comfortable pressure. It is easy to use support allowing tighter, targeted therapy surrounding treatment areas. 

The pneumatic compress cold/hot back brace is uniquely designed to provide treatment to all around areas of the waist simultaneously. Utilizing adjustable straps combined with removable air pump for total mobility allows inflates to deliver personalized pressure for superior comfort and support. Precise anatomical fitting allows the user to walk with the support during treatment.


Accessories of the pneumatic gel back support:

Hot/Cold Gel Pack

Air Compression Body Wrap 

Removable Air Pump


Use Instructions of the air back braces with gel pack:

It's easy to use in any manner... cool in freezer or heat in microwave. Provides all over relief.

Gel packs can be used for hot or cold and are placed in the freezer or in hot water before use. A hot & cold wrap usually contain a gel pack or similar and are ideal for applying cold to specific areas as well as compression. If you have a whole joint injury such as an waist sprain or knee sprain which involves swelling of the entire joint then a knee wrap or waist wrap covering the entire joint will be most suitable as they will provide compression to help reduce swelling. If the injury does not involve swelling or is on a small area such as a single tendon then a simple ice pack or wrap will be suitable.


Size: Universal


Sciatica: refers to the painful symptoms of sciatic neuropathy that occur along the sciatic nerve pathway, that is, waist, hips, posterior thighs, posterolateral calves, and lateral feet.

Etiology and pathology of sciatica: The sciatic nerve is composed of the nerve roots of lumbar 5 to sacral 3. There are two types of root sciatica, root sciatica. According to the lesion, the root sciatica is more common in the spinal canal. The cause is the most prominent lumbar disc herniation, followed by vertebrae.

Tumors in the tube, lumbar tuberculosis, lumbosacral radiculitis, etc. The pathological changes of dry sciatica are mainly on the sciatic nerve of the spinal canal. The causes are sacroiliac arthritis, pelvic tumors, pregnancy uterine compression, hip trauma, piriformis syndrome, improper gluteal injection, and diabetes. The disease is more common in young and middle-aged men, and more often unilaterally. The degree and duration of pain are often related to the etiology and onset of onset.

When this disease occurs, you should go to the hospital to find out the cause, and actively treat the primary disease (such as lumbar disc herniation) that causes nerve compression or stimulation. For symptomatic treatment, antipyretic and analgesics can be used, such as ibuprofen and diclofenac.

Adjuvant treatment of sciatica: When the pain occurs, apply the product to the affected area for 30-60 minutes, several times a day, for two to three consecutive days, and then apply the product to the affected area at the same interval. You can also take non-prescription pain such as indomethacin painkiller. Apply this product to your waist or buttocks daily before bedtime. The temperature should not be too high, it is better to be comfortable.


Q: How many packaging do you have?

A: We have five packages including PE bag, hand bag, zip lock bag, colorful box and white box currently.


Q: Can you do our own packaging?

A: Yes, you just provide the package design and we will produce what you want. We also have the professional designer can help you do the packaging design.

Q: How can I get a specific price about the product I want?
A: Our price based on material, quantity, size, color, logo, package ways, trading terms. The more details you provide, the more accurate price you will get, and of course, if some details you are not sure, you just tell us and we will provide our optional list for you selection.


Q: How to place an order, and how will it will be proceed?

A: 1. Contact us to confirm your design/products.

2. Negotiation for Order Confirmed.

3. Sample Confirmed.

4. Deposit paid.

5. Production begin and reported regularly.

6. Balance Payment Confirmed.

7. Products loaded and Shipped to your Country / Port.

Q: How do you make our business long term and good relationship?

A: We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customer benefits. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them.

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