Ankle Foot Orthosis

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Pre-fabricated polypropylene (PP) foot orthosis
Provides a dorsiflexion assist while walking
It is low profile and easy to trim with scissors

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Ankle Foot Orthosis



Ankle foot orthosis brace uses for drop foot due to hemiplegia, peroneal nerve palsy or orthopedic conditions


Ankle foot brace is pre-fabricated polypropylene (PP) foot orthosis
Provides a dorsiflexion assist while walking
It is low profile and easy to trim with scissors


Size: S M L XL ( Left / Right )


Size Information

US Men5-77½-1010½-1313+
US Women6-88-1111½-1414+

Ankle Foot Orthosis Size Information


Foot drop is one of the signs of orthopedic surgery. In the sitting position, the lower limbs hang naturally. If the feet are in the plantar flexion position and are completely unable to actively dorsiflexion, pronation or valgus, the foot is prolapsed. There are many reasons for foot drop, some are natural, and some are caused by acquired factors. With the improvement of medical standards, there is more knowledge in human biomechanics, foot rectangles, gait research, and foot health care. The appearance of orthopedic foot braces includes flat feet, hallux valgus, and big feet. High arched feet, calcaneal spurs, forefoot pain and other foot drop diseases have solved the long-term quality of life problems caused by the inconvenience of the feet. Maintaining the functional position of the ankle joint in dorsiflexion can prevent foot drop and prevent deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities. During the period of wearing the brace, the patient should also insist on calf muscle exercise to prevent muscle atrophy and muscle tension joint deformation.


Q: Do you have the test and audit service?

A: Yes, we can assist to get the designated test report for product and the designated factory audit report.

Q: Can you provide the FBA shipping service?

A: Yes, we have the good experience in providing the professional FBA service.   

Q: Which shipping way can you provide?

A: We can provide shipping by sea, by air and by express. 

Q: What’s your after-sale service?

A: Our quality warranty period is one year. Any quality problem will be solved to customer satisfactions. 


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